Nostalgic feelings…

Melancholic cloudsI am somewhat of a current person. I read the news, I think more critically about issues and I have twitter and facebook. Then every now and again I will have my “nostalgia”-moments. They are moments where I like think back to a simpler time of hide-and-seek, building forts and believing in Santa Clause. In these times I remember the friends and adventures that I’ve had. Soon I come back to reality and realize that times do change.

Why can’t it be like it was before?

The simple reason for it is that it lies in our nature. We grow up and we change as our understanding of how the world works changes. That is how we adapt to survive in an environment that is ever-changing. Even though some aspects of society remain the same throughout the ages, life in general just does not and will not feel the same. We as emotional beings tend to grow a liking towards certain things and feel sad when we aren’t able to make those things stay the same. However, nothing ever stays the same. It will never be like it was before.

As a confessed 9GAG-addict, I regularly see posts with titles such as: “If you remember this, your childhood was awesome” and “Only 90’s kids will get this” and stuff like that. This shows that it’s very difficult for some people to let go of certain cherished childhood memories. They get so nostalgic that they take it to the point where it almost becomes obnoxious.

Such posts show a very strange sort of elitism; almost like a country club of an era that refuses to conform to “the new”. It’s posts such as these that leave me feeling frustrated, because my childhood was awesome, even if I don’t know what the heck “Art Attack” was. No offence, I just grew up in South Africa.

New is not bad. Anyone arguing otherwise is just bitterly clinging onto the past. Sure some things, like Justin Bieber and the whole YOLO-concept (seriously?), should not exist, but making those things the pinnacle of why new is bad and old is good, is just bloody ignorant.

Actually, new is not good either. It’s neither good or bad. New is just different. It’s a change away from what we are used to. Whether it’s good or bad depends completely on you. You alone are responsible for what the new is perceived as.

So what now?

I’m not saying to forget the past. It’s those past experiences that made you who you are. Heck, I sometimes still get teary when I think about “The Lion King” and other stories that inspired me. All I’m saying is don’t get stuck in the past to the point where you are unable to adapt to current times. Celebrate nostalgia, but embrace the new. Art is not art if artists kept to the conventions. If we kept to the same norms, then life would have been bland.

Embrace the new, while finding inspiration in the past.

Here is an article about a classic video games tournament… It’s worth a read and a very good example of how people are celebrating the past that inspires us today.



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