A Quick Press…

FEGO cafe... My favourite SA coffee shop...

FEGO cafe… My favourite SA coffee shop…

Hey there!

I’m so bored, because I’m waiting for my sister to finish her NBTs (National Benchmark Tests), which take about 6 hours to complete. She needs to write them for her university application. It’s a new system that all the universities use. When I wrote my entrance exams I wrote the Stellenbosch one, not a national one, but it’s fine, same diff…

I dropped Suzi off at her test venue and she signed in, so she is probably writing it now. I just have to remember to give her lunch in her break, as it’s divided into two 3-hour sessions.

By the way, I’m typing this with my BlackBerry. I’m sitting in a coffee shop (hence the photo) and my laptop is in my car. Typing all of this with a small QWERTY keypad is tiring.

So what now…

Oh, I finished Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. In my opinion it’s a very difficult read. It’s all over the place. It flows like a dreamy river rapid, but I’ll talk about it more later.

I love coffee!!! Yum!!!

Anyway, I’m busy with a short story and will be availible to read soon. I’m really excited about it! I just have a question for those reading this: How should I post it? Should I post it on a site like Scribd, or should I just post it as a post? Or should I post a PDF file?

Let me get back to my coffee… Heheh…


I love Coffee!!!!

I love Coffee!!!!


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