Stubbornly Creative

Ever since I changed from BComm to BA, I made a lot of writer friends. This is to be expected since most BA students are involved in some sort creative process, or at least some process that was not an exact science or involved with finances. I love having writer friends, because now I have people to relate to when I talk about my creative process.

One thing I have realized is that everyone’s creative process is different, sometimes on a small scale and sometimes vastly different. It’s very interesting looking at all these different styles and approaches to creating. Something that’s got me baffled though is that some processes actually cause major stress and anxiety, but yet they carry on with it.


A writer friend of mine has this theory that her brain doesn’t want her to stop writing, yet every idea she tries penning down only causes disappointment, frustration and, inevitably, crunched paper. When I merely suggested that she just chill a bit, she looked at me at a strange angle. I then told her that she should, maybe, possibly, just write the main core of the idea/sentence/thing she wants to write and look it again at a later stage with new eyes, rather than just frustrating herself with an idea/sentence/thing that was not properly thought through.

Obviously she just ignored this suggestion with a typical eye-gesture that reads: “What do you know? You don’t understand my process.” And I have to agree with that, because I don’t understand. Why would one consciously choose a process that puts them in such a stressful position. Although, I can’t really talk about it since I haven’t written anything creative in a long while, mostly due to my English semester essay on Neil Gaiman’s short story, “The Wedding Present”, which I haven’t started on, which is stressing the hell out of me.

Anyway, there is no point in arguing with stubborn creative. So let them have their anguish. They deserve it. Creative people are funny beings and I don’t think I’ll understand them fully, even though I am one as well.

My creative process is an even stranger one and borders on insanity. I talk through my ideas with an imaginary friend which feeds me ideas from some unknowable source. Through this, somewhat scary, discussion, I get a better idea about if the idea I’m having is a viable one. If I can’t verbalize my idea, then how am I suppose to write it down?

You might think: “Ha! He can’t talk about other people’s processes, because his one is just as wacky.”, then I’ll respond with: “Is it really that wacky?” The reason I ask this is for the simple fact that even though there is some silly madness to my method, I still achieve the sense of satisfaction that my idea is viable and won’t result in me either breaking down in a sobbing fit of misery and disappointment or continually pressing ‘backspace’ until the wall of white envelopes my eyes.

Creating something should be an experience of a lifetime. Don’t punish yourself with having high expectations that everything you write should be literary gold.

à bientôt…



About Gay Idiot

I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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  1. I love this post! I wish you blessings in your day!

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