Christopher Le Chat and My Confused Drawing Style.

I love it when I get ideas!

They prove that I still have something in my skull that is capable of being creative. Sometimes the idea is for a story, which is preferable, sometimes it is for a piece of art that I want to create, and then I get those really rare ones  that is for both story and art. This idea classifies as a rare case.

The idea has a name and he is called “Christopher Le Chat” (“Chat” is not like the communication method, it’s French and pronounced like “shah” or something), and he’s a character that I’ve created for a story I’m working on. The story is tentatively called “Cat Magic”. It’s a crappy title, I know, but I need something to call my project.

Let me explain what the story it about: “Cat Magic” (gonna change it, don’t worry) is about Chris, a cat, that lives in a small village. He never knew his parents and, to his knowledge, believes that he is the only cat left. Going with the village wizard human he works for to a magic council meeting, Chris finds that there is an evil that wants to enslave the world. With the abrupt death of above-mention village wizard, Chris discovers that he actually possesses a very rare kind of magic, which he shall use to defeat this evil.

That’s the main core of it so far, but there’s also an old wizard who is very funny, a gypsy who befriends Christopher and an extremely old feud between cats and dogs. I hope this all sounds good so far.

Below is some of my initial sketches of Christopher:

Some sketch stuff...

Introducing Chris Le Chat…

As you can see from the above, Chris is a very friendly looking cat that is kind and clumsy. Something else you may notice is that my drawing style is weird. Those two random faces on the top-right page is where I tested where the eyes should be positioned. Those two random floaty thing at the bottom-right is just me being silly and bored.

I like writing little notes to myself. It keeps me thinking and on my toes, and provides humour to whoever is reading my diary/sketchbook/journal/book-of-awesome at the time.

During my testing phases, nothing I reproduce looks the same, no matter how hard I try. It’s irritating, because once I find a pattern I like, I can’t reproduce it. Frustrating, right? I even fool myself with guides to think that I can actually reproduce anything. For example, you see that skeleton located in the body on the left page? I put that skeleton in afterwards just so I can use it as a reference, but I suck at using skeletons. They just don’t work for me.

Here’s more creative uses of Chris:

sketchity sketch

More of Chris

I’m actually very proud of these two pages. They show me that I am capable of drawing characters in very weird positions. The funny thing is, I didn’t really work with a skeleton. I might have used it to position the shoulders, but that’s about it. I just used my artist-insticts to just draw. I felt amazing!

The clothes are not permanent. It’s just so that he isn’t naked. I don’t want to spend so much effort on costuming where it’s just testing. I’ll focus on that when I’m happy with the character.

The reason why Chris on the right has glowy hands (or paws if you want to get technical), is that he is using magic (duh), although I’m still deciding which looks cooler. I pointed that out, because when he uses magic, his fur has glowy stripes, which is what separates his magic from normal magic. It does have something to do with him being a cat.

I hope you guys like him. f you guys have any comments or questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Feedback would be extremely nice.

See you guys later! 😀



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