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I know…

Some of you might be going “Ugh, really? Another blog-thing? He’s got enough trouble keeping one blog up-to-date!” To that I say… you’re right, BUT I’ve got motivation for the new one.

Hopefully there are some of you that is vaguely excited for me, and to those I say “merci!” I’ve always loved to travel, and I still do. I consider an aeroplane better than a car; it’s like my second home. I never understood the people that hate flying. It’s one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had, until you land again.

I’m going to leave for France in a few hours and I’m very excited! I would like to document all my adventures in a blog, but in order for me to do that I need the support of as much people I can muster.

Please visit my Travel Blog and tell me what you think.

It is at: Please check it out!

Seriously! Don’t you want to hear about everything I mess up in France and the amount of people I piss off with my silly South African ways? I would, but I just like reading funny things. I promise I’ll try to be funny… most of the time.

Anyway, I’ve got all my documentation ready, my clothes are packed and I’m ready physically and emotionally. All I need to do is shower. 🙂

See you guys when I get to London! 😀



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I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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