The Sims… Time-Waster Deluxe

The Sims and I have come a long way.

Classic Sims

I remember being introduced to the first Sims game to be released. It was love at first sight. Not only was it something that I had in common with my best friend, but it also provided me with something I wanted secretly; to live my life I wanted to live and to control people.

It was like a drug. I could not stop playing the Sims. It’s just so fun and awesome! I even bought all the expansion packs. I know a lot of people find it boring and stupid, but I don’t care!

Several years later, and I still play the Sims. I have Sims 3 now and I’m on the 5th generation of my current family, which is a massive achievement for me, since I was always used to starting new families every week.

Lovely scenic Sims 3...

Lovely scenic Sims 3…

The Sims game is also the source of my biggest problem. It’s the biggest distraction I currently have in my life! I can play Sims for hours on end without having written anything for weeks.

Argh!!! It’s so frustrating! I love it, but it’s ruining my creative process at the same time.

Anyway, let me tell you a little about my family. As you guys already know I’m on my fifth generations of Sims. I just started with a man and a women and everything started to grow. I finally saw how rewarding it was to work with a family for so long.

The family tree is very extensive, with a lot of illegitimate children being born. I usually make the people have a lot of babies and then take the youngest to be the one I will carry on with.

Oh, the birthdays...

Oh, the birthdays…

Okay, a lot of the sims above are just random townsfolk, but my family was pretty popular. They were all very important. One was a world-renowned surgeon, another was a secret agent and many became famous writers.

It was only recently that things have started to become REALLY weird with my sims. I mean, like, REEAAALLYYYY weird!

It all started when my current head of the household started to a really weird thing.

"I heard a noise!"

“I heard a noise!”

I mean, WHAT THE HELL?!!! He just randomly “pops up” while he is sleeping and it’s very creepy. Luckily it doesn’t really affect anything, it just looks weird. Another funny thing is that he is the only sim that is acting strange. I think it all started when the waffles he was making just mysteriously disappeared. Really strange.

This book is so interesting, I kicked holes into the couch!

This book is so interesting, I kicked holes into the couch!

Although it doesn’t affect anything crucial, it does make everyone else seem a little strange. And by a little strange, I mean…

You can fly you can fly you can flyyyyyyy!!!!

You can fly you can fly you can flyyyyyyy!!!!

HE MAKES HIS CHILDREN FLY!!! Just look at that! Even though it’s actually kinda a lotta cool, it’s still hell irritating when nothing works like it should. At this moment I’m actually wishing for the sim to grow into an elder, so that I can kill him move him out.

In other news:


That’s cute… I think…

My house is haunted by an over-obsessive grandma. She visits the house every night and always bothers everyone! The Grandpa visits as well, but luckily he just watches TV.

As you all can see, my household is a little on the wacky side, and I’m not even trying to make it wacky, my sims are just retarded.

I seriously need to reduce the time I take playing sims. It’s not letting me write new stuff. I mean, this post alone took me 3 days to write, because I keep getting distracted by the sims.

Luckily, I’m a little ahead of schedule with my writing, but I’m quickly losing that lead.

What is your biggest distraction? What do you plan to do to get distracted less by it?

See you guys later…



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