Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact” // [Book Review]

The books I’ve read in my lifetime are mostly made up of YA fantasy novels, novels where ordinary people are put into fantastic worlds and school setworks (like Shakespeare and 20th-century stuff). Like my friends, I was attracted to books that could take me to a different world and forget about the mundane world outside my window. That changed somehow. I’m not sure when. It was probably because of Jodi Picoult.

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I have to admit, The Pact is not the first book of Jodi Picoult that I’ve read; it is the second. The first one I’ve read was Sing You Home, which made me fall hopelessly in love with Picoult.

Picoult just has this fascinating knack for her characters. It makes you feel that you are inside their heads. The characters become so real, with their flaws and all. It is this attention to detail with characters that made me fall in love with Picoult. With The Pact, Picoult did not disappoint.The Pact is about two families, the Hartes and the Golds, that has lived next to each other for years.Their children, Chris Harte and Emily Gold, knew each other from birth and are best friends. Both families had dreams of them getting married. However, a spanner is thrown in the works when Emily winds up dead from a gunshot to the head and Chris is found with an unfired bullet that was meant for him, in a suicide pact they planned. The police obviously do not believe him. In this chaos, people are desperate for a truth that is black and white. Chris is the only one who knows the truth, but it’s not black and white.

At it’s core, The Pact is a romance and a courthouse drama intertwined in heavy family dynamics. These three are so intricately woven in each other that it becomes something on it’s own. Almost like it’s own genre; the Picoult genre.

I enjoyed reading The Pact. I love the way Picoult writes and her style is just something to behold. The hot topic that the story is based around is teen suicide, which appeals to me for my own reasons.

Besides an awesome style, Picoult is the master of research. She always conduct masses of research when she writes a story. The world and mechanics in the story is so detailed that it’s hard to believe that it’s just all made-up. There is always an impressive list of people she acknowledges for their contributions, including doctors, counsellors and lawyers.

On a side note, I remember years ago (I think I was in primary school) watching a local South African talk show and Jodi Picoult was being interviewed. I knew she wrote books, since I always saw her name in our bookstore. She was talking about how she does research when she writes a book. I can’t remember which of her books she was talking about, but it I found it so fascinating. It was years ago and I can’t remember what I was thinking at the time, but all I know is that I have never forgotten seeing that interview and it still inspires me to this day. Must have been a good interview.

The only complaint I have of this story is the ending. It felt a little too abrupt, like there was supposed to be more. Something felt missing. I wanted there to be more. After I read the book, I kept thinking about what the characters have felt that was not mentioned in the book. A lot of things were left unsaid.

Overall, it’s a really great read and one of Picoult’s that I will never forget. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in people and the complicated nature of being human. This might be a bit too slow for fantasy, sci-fi and action fiction fans. I wanted to give it an 80, but I wanted more from the ending, so I gave it a little less. I still liked reading it though.



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4 Responses to Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact” // [Book Review]

  1. I have read every single book by Jodi. This one is by far my favourite!

  2. I loved the earlier Jodi Picoult books but haven’t been impressed with her last few. I loved The Pact, though! There’s another one about an Amish girl (Mariska Hargitay was in the movie adaptation) that was really good, too.

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