It has happened again…

I don’t know why it does, but it happens and I hate it when it does.

I’m referring to where I’m not posting anything for a massive amount of time. I think it has something to do with me going through big life changes. A lot has happened lately and it has prevented me to write about anything.

Don’t fret, I’m back and will hopefully recover from this little slip-up.

I have recently moved back to Stellenbosch to have another great year of academics and life changes. It is now my official second year of studying language and culture. I’m very excited, because a lot of things are different this time around.

The biggest change is that I’m no longer in a university residence, but in my own flat, that I’m sharing with an awesome flatmate. I hated being in res, so I decided to make the change. I have no regrets! Luckily I’m not the one paying my rent. If I didn’t have parents, not only would I be depressed (obviously), I would be extremely poor.

Class starts tomorrow! I’m so excited! 😀 No, seriously, I am. I have had such a long period of weird confused times, that I need a little structure in my life. I know that I’m going to have to work, but at least I’m not the same TIME magazine twice in a row.

I have become so much more up-to-date with current affairs by reading TIME. I love it! I might even become a journalist. That would be so awesome! Only downside: I would actually have to meet the deadlines. That means a lot of under-pressure writing.

Why can’t I slow the world down to a pace that I can handle? It would help a lot if I could, but then again, I’m just putting off the inevitable.

Okay, That’s all folks!

I think I’ll have more to write about tomorrow…

‘Till later ma peeps!



About Gay Idiot

I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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2 Responses to It has happened again…

  1. Zen A. says:

    Sounds like there are a lot of things going on in your life right now! Good to hear that you’ve been doing well though. Parents do come in handy when it comes to finances. 😉

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