How I Blog!

As some of you (those that actually read this, which is about 1 or 2) would know is that I’m the last person to talk about blogging and the proper etiquette around.

Although my inactivity is not the issue being addressed, it is the plain indecency of the readers on WordPress.

I must admit I wish I could spend more time reading all the wonderful blogs out there (although I do follow one blog quite religiously), but there are readers out there who claim to read your posts who are only reading that weird intro bit before you have to click read more.

Caution! I am going to rant on a lot…

I’ve written a post about two days ago, which is my previous post, where I have written about how happy I was to finally be able to write again after a hellish month. I have even written a tiny story, which sucked out all my emotional energy.

I did not expect to get many readers. Face it, who does read my blog? Like seriously? That’s all good and well, but then something very strange started happening. I started getting likes, but no reads were being registered.

My first thought was that Internet ghosts were stealing my views like chocolates, but then I realized, people are liking my post and not reading it. I also found that that the only reason they are liking it is because it has something to do with writing and that I had a small story in it.

Why the hell would people like something they did not read? I’ll tell you why: They want you to read their blog! Well, tell me, why the hell must I read your blog if you don’t have the decency to read mine properly?! I don’t support the whole like-for-a-like or follow-for-a-follow business. It feels like dirty business.

If you really want me to read your blog, then at least make some sort of effort to read my blog, because liking without reading will make me want to NEVER read your blog. Another great method is to comment; that way will almost ensure a read from me.

With this post I would like to say that I am really going to start reading other blogs to see if I can find something interesting. Just to make sure I keep my promise I will feature a blog here some time during the week. Probably Friday…


Enjoy your week. Sorry for the rant. I promise to write more and more often!


Post is probably not going to make sense, but oh well, who reads this anyway?


About Gay Idiot

I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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7 Responses to How I Blog!

  1. Tasneem says:

    Yeah, that is totally annoying. I’m also not into the ‘if you follow me I’ll follow you’ thing either. I don’t need anyone to like my posts, it’s nice when they do, but not if they haven’t read it and are just looking for a way to get more people to their blog. Sigh. Blogging woes hey.

    • Dante says:

      I know… 😦

      But luckily bloggers like you still exist! 😀
      Otherwise I think I would have given up hope a long time ago…

      • Tasneem says:

        Haha, even if you write for yourself though, blogging is very public even if you write anonymously. So it makes sense to feel that way. But don’t worry, it’s better to have a few readers who actually read what you write rather than readers who don’t actually read anything but like your posts for their benefit 😉

      • Dante says:

        Exactly! 😀

  2. Zen A. says:

    I have had a fair share of people who like my posts without reading them. As a rule, I tend to only visit the blogs of people who leave comments on my posts, because then I know for sure that they have read what I wrote and aren’t just going on a liking spree. I sometimes do like posts without commenting, but ONLY when I have nothing to add to the topic.

    Also… I’m flattered that you mentioned my blog up there! 😉

    • Dante says:

      I also follow that rule now, it makes filtering them lot easier.
      But I don’t mind likes :), it’s just suspicious when the reads don’t register.
      I think I found you because of your first comment oh so long ago! 😀 It made me very happy, because you were the second person ever to comment on a post of mine! Thanks!

  3. cheekywords says:

    YES! So im new to blogging, and already kind of picked up on the no reading thing too! I just didnt know what was going on lol,,now i do :p

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