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That Funny Little Word

You know what word I’m talking about. It’s the word that either makes you feel warm inside or makes you want to head for the hills and hide for a few months (especially during February). Yep, it’s love. Love, and … Continue reading

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It came to me in a dream

For a long time I believed that I didn’t have any dreams anymore, because I just wouldn’t remember anything, but then last night something amazing happened. I had an amazing dream! I almost couldn’t believe it, but it happened. When … Continue reading

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“Monsters University” // [Film Review]

I am a huge fan of Pixar! Ever since I saw the original Toy Story, when I was about 4-5 years old, I was addicted to the art and magic that Pixar created. It is not simply an animation studio, … Continue reading

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Lauren Beukes’ “The Shining Girls” // [Book Review]

Yay! I finally get to review a South African author! It also happens to be my favourite South African author (and shamefully the only one I’m reading at the moment). Lauren Beukes is giving me so much hope for the … Continue reading

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If my life had a face I would punch it!

…Or at least severely slap it! Really, I should get a grip and get it together! It feels like I’m in a vicious circle, because I have mentioned this issue many times before on this blog. I’m pretty sure you … Continue reading

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“The Tower” – Short Story

Hey there awesome people! 😀 Even though I’ve never met you, I’m pretty sure you guys are awesome, because you are taking the time to read my silly rants and have coped with me for so long. If you’re just … Continue reading

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“The Great Gatsby” // [Film Review]

Baz Luhrmann is synonymous with two things: films that are drenched in visual effects and imagery, and films with an explosive soundtrack. He loves his visual theatrics and uses it well. Lurhmann keeps up this exaggerative tradition with his latest … Continue reading

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