That Funny Little Word

You know what word I’m talking about. It’s the word that either makes you feel warm inside or makes you want to head for the hills and hide for a few months (especially during February). Yep, it’s love. Love, and sometimes even the lack of love, is the thing that fuels many of our decision-making. The love I’m talking about is that of romance. This post would be a whole lot easier if it was about the love of food or Pixar films, but the lovey-dovey love is the order of the day.

IMG_4300I’m probably the last person that should be talking about love, since I’ve lived a relatively loveless life, romantically speaking. I have never been in a relationship for the 20 (almost 21) years I’ve been alive, but that time has made me an excellent observer. And I’ve observed enough people to know that love is a really funny thing. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I thought love was something that just happened. It turns out I’m wrong… very wrong.

IMG_4301I blame technology and my generation for making love more difficult for me to attain. The internet and social media play a key role in our relationships with people. Almost everything we do is on the internet. One would think this would make romance easier and love more attainable, since connecting with people is easier. I disagree; it makes everything more difficult for me!

IMG_4302Going “out” (ie. to a club, pub or [place filled with desperate people]) is a concept that I’ve never really liked or embraced much. I have been out once or twice in my life, but all I did was think about how desperate these people seemed with their questionable outfits and litres of alcohol. They weren’t really the type of people that I wanted to meet. Besides, there is only a certain amount of entertainment value one can get from watching drunken fools being stupid.

At this point “Internet Dating” seems to be the perfect solution to my love problem. However, this is the embarrassing part where I admit that I’ve already tried that. Yes, I actually did try internet dating once. It wasn’t a completely fruitless experience, but it felt more like playing a text-based “The Sims” than actual human interaction. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t attracted to a face stapled onto a wall of text. Walls of text, where people “sell” themselves, aren’t sexually attractive. Also, flirting (if you can call what I did flirting) with an inanimate face is just awkward.

IMG_4304Call me crazy, but I prefer face-to-face conversations over technologically-assisted communication. Texting is just not the same as talking. It doesn’t carry the subtle nuances of a physical conversation. I’m a very expressive person and I use my hands and vocal ability quite a lot to get my meaning across. If I tried to conduct the same conversation with text messages, then the receiver would be left feeling very confused. Faking is also very easy with electronic communication. How many times have you sent a text where you weren’t being 100% truthful? How many times have you texted that you were reading a book where you were actually stuffing your face with pizza while watching Guy Fieri stuff mush into his face in an equally disgusting way?

IMG_4305Okay, maybe I’m being a pessimist. Texting and internet dating aren’t bad. I know of many people who met online and are very happy together. It’s just not for me. Who knows what will happen in my empty love life? Maybe I’ll eventually find someone where I don’t need bomb disabling skills to get that person to like me. Even though technology promises to make love an eventuality for me, I prefer the traditional methods of finding “the one”. Call me old fashioned, but we’ll see who has the last laugh when I meet the love of my life with a story that will rival the best romance ever told!



Do you find it interesting that I’ve used gender-neutral terms? There’s no real reason for it. Or is there? 😉

This is for the Weekly Writing Challenge, which I thought would be cool to try out.

All the little doodles are by me and belong to me!


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I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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