Why I like Gymming

Depending on your view, the title of this post might be the most controversial thing you’ve ever read. I remember there used to be a time when it did feel like something very controversial, but now I can proudly say that I like gymming and staying active. I might not look like some Greek statue at the moment, but who knows. Maybe one day I’ll be on the cover of a magazine without my shirt (Ha! Chances of this happening is close to, if not exactly, zero!)

Basically the two main types of gymmers you get… I’m aiming for the left one.

Usually (or stereotypically) my type of people, such as readers, writers and academics, shy away from doing anything vaguely athletic; the opinion being that it is for vain and brainless people. This is mostly quite an outdated view. We used to make fun of people who seemed like they gymmed a lot, or walked without a shirt, secretly feeling very jealous on the inside. Oh, the jealousy we felt! If only we could look like that without feeling like we’re joining the meat parade! Thank goodness smart people go to the gym as well.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t always like working out. I used to be one of those lazy blobs that just sat in front of the TV for hours, just moving so that I could get to my computer. My body was very… flabby, and therefore I was very self-conscious about it. I felt like a blobby piece of crap, but I was too lazy to do anything about it.

For some reason or another my opinion on gymming changed, and now I feel excited when I go to the gym or go for a jog. I actually jogged this morning for 5km in our area. 6AM… on a Saturday! Crazy, right? Well, now I feel a whole lot better and a whole lot more productive.

Initially I started working out, because I found out that apparently there was some hereditary heart disease on my mom’s side of the family and my mom was scared that something might happen to me. I’m perfectly healthy, and have never experienced any problems whatsoever, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It was a pain the first few sessions, but then I got used to it. Apart from feeling better physically, I actually started feeling better emotionally. Gymming gave me a great feeling. Since I started gymming, and eating more healthy, I actually lost quite a lot of weight.

Gymming did not only help out with the physical and emotional well-being, it also helped quite a lot in terms of my productivity and writing. With a lot more blood pumping through my brain, I’m thinking more clearly and I find that I’m able to focus a lot longer than usual (I still need my ADHD meds though). It’s great! More inspiration! I urge all my fellow writers to be more active. You don’t have to look like the Hemsworth brothers, but it is a nice goal to work towards.

Maybe I’ll be able to snatch the title of sexiest author alive! (A man can dream, okay?!)

As a final note, check what I found while searching Google Images for gymming:

It was labelled as: “Bearded Men in Bunny Suits in the Gym”

I have no idea what the hell this is, but it made me giggle, so I thought I might share it with you guys. Imagine if that actually happened at my gym. Weird. If you know more about this picture, please let me know.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend! I’ll try to be back as soon as possible.



About Gay Idiot

I'm a gay idiot, but somehow I am making it through this jungle called life. I have no idea what I'm doing!!
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4 Responses to Why I like Gymming

  1. Didn’t know gymming was a verb! Glad to see that it is, and that other creatives are doing it. Keep at it, even if you always look like the gymmer on the right. So what? You feel better and have more energy. At least I know I do.

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