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My Damn Academic Life

It’s been a really long time (like always) since I’ve written anything here. I must really try to not make excuses, but it’s really difficult for me to juggle EVERYTHING in my life at the moment. Academia is a world … Continue reading

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Rise of the Internet Snobs

The internet is a wondrous place. It has allowed so much growth and change in our world; so much so that we can’t live without it. Anything is possible on the internet! It’s the attitude that many on the internet … Continue reading

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Under 13? Seriously Zuckerberg?

The internet is a scary place. With viruses lurking around every corner, you have to be careful what sort of links you click. One click and your computer can be emptier than my love-life. Knowing of these dangers, you don’t … Continue reading

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Nostalgic feelings…

I am somewhat of a current person. I read the news, I think more critically about issues and I have twitter and facebook. Then every now and again I will have my “nostalgia”-moments. They are moments where I like think … Continue reading

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